Smart OCR:Text Miner app allows user to convert image to text and extract text from PDF, edit text, share text, perform text mining and save your useful data for sharing them later just in one process. It helps to extract all related useful data from unstructured text where you get from OCR or other rich text source. The text mining in this application not only perform data extraction from the OCRed text, but also help extracting page text and title information from any web page.

This application not only serves OCR but also provides strong text mining capability where you can first OCR a page of rich text and then perform text mining on it such as text extraction, concept extraction, entities extraction, keyword extraction, and sentiments extraction.

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  • Convert image to text (OCR).
  • Extract text from PDF file.
  • We are using high accuracy server-based OCR engine that converts text in the most efficient way.
  • Able to search your extracted text in google or other search engine.
  • Share extracted text to friends or colleagues through Whatsapp, Line, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Gmail, Messaging and etc.
  • Able to capture a portion of important text that you need and edit it after getting the OCR results.
  • This app has its own dedicated info collector point, where you can manage your important document including the extracted text.
  • You can share or send your saved document as attachment.
  • After OCR, the extracted text can be shared, saved, edited, as well as perform text mining.
  • After extracting whole bunch of text in the image or PDF file by OCR, you can perform text mining. It helps extracting important keywords, concepts, entities, and sentiments from the rich text.
  • Able to scan website URL address and extract the important text, keywords, concepts, entities and sentiments from the website. It's extremely useful for saving your time on data mining.

Get it from Google Play Store now.

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